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I went to the Kingston NY GM store after verifying with 2 different stores that they had the bow I wanted in stock. It showed in there system "1-3 in stock".

When I traveled an hour and change to this store I was informed by the guy who pretended to help me(after waiting 10 minutes to get help) that they had none. Now I'm pissed so I ask to speak to the manager. He comes out of the office and I tell him how I feel. I also ask him why there bow technician is hardly ever there and why I was given the wrong schedule for him 3 times.

I told him if they were serious about selling items to customers then they would have them in stock and there would be a competent person there more than 2 days per week to sell them. He then goes to look for the bow himself and comes up with nothing. Just making me more pissed for wasting my time and gas. So to make my trip more worth wild I purchased the same bow I wanted but with a slightly less draw weight.

I told the manager that I did not want the floor model and he proceeded to tell me that it was all that they sell. I laughed and asked him if he was being serious. He said yes. I told him that I really did not like the idea of buying a bow that other people messed with.

Who knows what is done to these bows. He initials the receipt......thank God!!! So I can return if there is a problem and gives me a whopping $20 off. Now I find out that even during that transaction I should have gotten 10 percent off which would have been more money.

When getting home and inspecting the bow even further I find that the string is not properly attached to the cam. So I drive an hour and a half to the Middletown, NY store where everything went very well. There is a bow tech there 7 days a week and they are full of a wealth of knowledge. In fact they bent over backwards to help me.

Good thing too because I was ready to stop making all purchases from GM and that would not be good for them considering the $$$$ I spend on myself there and I'm getting my wife and daughter into hunting and shooting. I will just never return to the Kingston, NY store.

Joe749usa wrote the review because of poor customer service at Gander Mountain. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Gander Mountain to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Well you sound like an absolute delight. I can't imagine why people don't want to help you..


Lol. It's people like you that cause employees not to give a ***.

I highly doubt the string was on the cam wrong being that the bows on display are security wired so people can't mess with them....stop complaining that you drove so far because no one cares. Most of the employees probably drive just as far to make a lousy $9.50 an hour to put up with your ***.

I want more money of blah blah blah, if you didn't like what they offered than why didn't you just *** leave?? ***.

to GrindsMyGears Pleasant Valley, New York, United States #932334

Its people like you that get paid minimum wage that don't give a **** to do your job. I take it you work there, and are disgruntled because your local McDonalds did not hire you?

My question would be....why would you drive an hour or better to make $9.50? And as far as the was half off one of the pins on the cam and thank God the bow tech in Middletown had this bow in stock and just swapped it out rather than restringing it. Your more than free to call and ask him if that is true.

So before talking out your a$$ a$$wipe, get you facts straight. Oh, and you must have cared to mention it...

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