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My husband bought me a pair of pants 2 weeks ago from Gander Mountain. They were a size too big so I went to exchange the exact same pair of pants for a smaller size.

I forgot my receipt at home. No big deal, I thought the cashier could look up the transaction from my credit card. They don't have that capability. However, they do look up the price of the item to be exchanged and if it had gone on sale within 90 DAYS(!) of your purchase they only give you an exchange for that price.

In other words, the pants had been on sale from $39 to $19 sometime within 90 days of my husband purchasing them. So to exchange them I had to pay $20! I find it funny that they don't extend that courtesy of looking up the price when you're purchasing items!!

I will go home and looks for the receipt to return the pants and then I will not be returning to Gander Mountain. We will go in to try things on then buy them online elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gander Mountain Cashier.

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Hey I just would like to let you and everyone else know that yes gander can look up your receipt by your credit card and the only reason they give the lowest price in the last 90 day if you have no receipts is so people don't steal things and try to get cash for them.


They cannot look up a sale price at purchase at the register due to the fact that the item's sale price is already over. At purchase if it is on sale you will be given the sale price.

At purchase they are not going to give you a sale price that was over a month ago. And they should have looked it up using your credit card. I know they can do that.

There is no excuse for that. If they looked it up you would have gotten an even exchange and no problems asked.

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