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I purchased a can of fix a flat from gander mountain a day later a friend of mine came over the house to pick my son up for a playdate with his daughter and he said he had a nail in his tire. I told him he walked out because I literally just bought a can of Fix-It I went to use it and it did not work properly I read all the instructions and did everything correctly and the whole can of fix a flat leaked all over my driveway me and my clothes.

After he left to take his car to a shop to have it fixed and I cleaned everything up I took a closer look at the bottle and realized that the nozzle had a crack all the way down to the can That's why I did not work and employee or another customer must have dropped it or however happened I did not know but I was sold a faulty product. I went to return it at that time there was a 3-day return policy the manager was not friendly at all and told me that there's nothing that she can do about it that it cannot be returned and that I need to call the manufacturer that makes the product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gander Mountain Manager.

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These cans of sealant are for emergencies only, of course and if you can pump up the tire and drive to get it fixed or change the flat with the spare that is the best option. In your particular case, sounds like the can was dropped or otherwise damaged.

Most stores have these things so just buy another at Walmart or such and get on with life. The only thing incomprehensible in your missive was something about a "play date." Pray tell, what in the world is that all about?

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