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Im looking for a firearm and registered online for GM last week thinking I might buy it online and immediately received an online email coupon to "unlock $20 off" when you click the "unlock $20 off" it links you to the GM liquidation sale so I thought .....hmmm must have something to do with that so I went in. I picked out a nice Under Armor shirt and went to the register.

When I asked the young gal at the register about the "$20 off" and showed her the email and link on my phone, she said it "wasn't valid because of the liquidation sale". I advised her that the "unlock $20 off" link went straight to the GM promo for the "liquidation sale"......"ALL 126 locations" it said. She wasn't having any of it and really acted like she didn't want me there and simply kept parroting this in a monotone robot voice. I asked for the manager.

Manager came over and repeated what she said......"wasn't valid because of the liquidation sale". I also showed him the email and link on my phone and asked why the "unlock $20 off" went straight to the "liquidation sale" link for "ALL 126 stores". He didn't have an answer. So I asked the manager why GM sends me a $20 off email coupon for a liquidation sale at "All 126 stores" and then says "we can't honor that because there is a liquidation sale going on".

He didn't have an I asked "its just a BS scam promotion to get you in the door"?......and he actually shrugged his shoulders and sheepishly nodded his head yes! Guess it's really not his fault.....he's just doing what he's told. But seems like a very lousy company culture of poor company service.

May be just a little thing but think about how many people got emails like this and walked away from GM pissed off when Academy Sports and Outdoors sells things probably cheaper right down the road. If I was a company CEO, I would be thumping heads over silly stuff like this.......

Product or Service Mentioned: Gander Mountain 25 Dollar Off Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Just awareness to customers not to fall for this fake marketing ploy..

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DON'T trust Gander Mtn!! I Bought a Sig Sauer model M11.

Opened box and discovered it only contained one 13 round magazine. Called Sig corporate and discovered they shipped the gun with 3 15 round mags.

They advised greenwood IN store must have taken two of the mags and substituted the other mag for one of 13 round capacity. I was ripped off by Gander Mtn!


"liquidation sale" means just that---liquidation. Gander Mountain filed Ch.

11 receivership a few weeks ago and now has file for liquidation, ie., going out of business---altho I have read some statements that they intend on opening some, who-knows when, where or how many---stores in the "future." I always like Gander Mountain and have no idea what happened but that's the story in a nutshell. Find another store, altho stay away from ***'s Sporting Goods as they really messed with people who ordered a certain long gun a few years ago---arbitrarily cancelled their orders.

Definitely not a company to trust. Cabela and Dunham are fine.


Yes....I knew it was a liquidation sale. The $20 off was a direct link to the liquidation sale basically saying.....come to our liquidation's $20 off when you get here.

But hey, not a big deal....just wanted people to not to fall for it. I just hate poor customer service.....a pet peeve of mine.

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