Charlotte, North Carolina

The store manager, Donald, is so intimidating when me and my wife go there. He yells, "Can I help you!!!!!!!!?" and has this look on his face that is uncomfortable.

When I checked out at the front, I asked the cashier who is that guy. She says, "He's the manager, Donald." and she rolled her eyes. We talked a bit and she said he makes employees cry all the time when he yells at them. I love the store, so I will just shop online from now on.

What a mental case! I have been a manager before and I know they make medicine for his condition.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gander Mountain Cashier.

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OOOH! An uncomfortable look on his face!

Yeah, he needs treatment right away! I've seen ridiculous stuff on here before but this takes the cake. So he yelled "Can I help you?" How unprofessional! I'd suggest you don't go to CiCi's pizza.

They will freak you out - they all yell "Welcome to Cici's" at the top of their lungs. They do so becaues corporate told them to.

Maybe this manager looks "Uncomfortable" because he doesn't like yelling to the customers but has to. You have no complaint.


Of course when you were a manager, you were perfect. Did it ever occur to you that maybe customers and employees felt the same way about you?

That being said, you didn't have any business discussing this with an employee.

She could get in trouble for talking business with a customer. If the employees cry in front of other people for being yelled at, they aren't mature enough to be working.


He gets away with what people allow or let him get away with. BTW...he too has a boss...he does not own Gander Mountain.....approach it that shop on line and avoid this *** not addressing the issue.


Yes, you are right. Guess what?

I sent the corporate headquarters an email about it. They sent the email to him and HE contacted me. I should not have to engage him when HE is the one I was complaining about. For the comment above where the person says I was a "perfect" manager: When did I say that?

I merely stated I was a manager so it would be understood that I know what stress a manager endures. However, I never was taught to scream at customers and use intimidation as a sales tactic.

I didn't discuss anything with an employee. If you read what I wrote you would recall that I asked for his name.

The employee was a witness to what he screamed to me. She "volunteered" the story of employees crying. Why are you defending this son-of-a-*** any way? Is he your husband or brother?

Maybe you are right. I treat others as I want to be treated. I will stop this practice. From now on, I will be just like him.

Then, I will earn your praise. Thank you for allowing me to see that my "kind" behavior towards others is a fatal flaw.


"Kind" behavior? Calling the guy a mental case because he had an uncomfortable look on his face is kind?

You haven't stated anything he did that was out of line and you are complaining to his superiors. In your response above, you insulted his mother. Why?

Because of his uncomfortable look. I think I know who the real SOB is here.


Tell ya what, Mike. You want to meet somewhere?

I wasn't responding negatively to your post. But, now I am. You aren't that far from where I am. I hope you are younger than I am.

I mean, we can settle this fairly quick. You call me a SOB and I take offense to that.

So, skinny boy, I am calling you out. When and where?


My don't we have a temper! I'm guessing you showed yourself at the store as well.

Thanks for bolstering my contentions.

I gave up schoolyard fights way back in middle school but if you really must, meet me at your mom's house Friday at 7. Don't be early - mom and I will be a little "busy".

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