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I went to a local Gander Mountain. I was looking to buy a High End 1911.

My budget was about $1000 to $1200. I saw the local store had it in stock. Thinking if I went early on Sunday I wouldn't have to wait to long for help. My mistake, I was one of four customers in the store.

I was number three in line for firearms. The manager walked by me four times in in the 40 minutes i was standing by the firearms. He said hi, how are you today. I said fine.

He kept walking. I was hoping he would of at least asked if I was needing any help but no. He just walked off. Poped out about 10 minutes later and didn't say a word.

The disappeared. He popped in again and again over the 40 minutes I was standing there. Just as I was getting ready to leave one of the salesmen was finished with his sale. It took him over 40 minutes to help one customer with a gun sale and ammo.

He was waiting on the customer when I walked in. Anyway, I asked to see a $1000 1911. Looked at it and said. I was going to buy this here today, but because i had to wait nearly 45 minutes to get help while the manager just kept walking by me I going somewhere else and spend $1000.

I have worked retail for over 30 years. You just don't walk by someone over and over again and not ask them if they need help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gander Mountain Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Gander Mountain Cons: Service.

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