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Gander Mountain, Charlottesville, VA. The cashier's name was Sami.

I'll always remember it, because I've never had someone make me feel so agitated and uncomfortable in a retail setting. I had to return a pair of pants that I purchased earlier. When I purchased the pants and other items, around $250 worth, she was standing next to the other cashier, playing with her phone and complaining about some guy. Then complaining that she had worked 20 hours over the past two days.

Very unprofessional. Strike one. During the return, she proceeded to huff and toss things around. It took a while for the system to pull up my purchase, and during that she proceeded to play with her phone, which led to her not seeing when the information became available on the register, amd then proceeded to ask me if I thought she was being rude to customers...because she didn't want to be known as the "*** cashier".

I have no idea who she is, and have never met her, so yeah, very inappropriate. Strike 2. In the 10 minutes it took to do the return I was called "honey", "sweetheart", "sweetie", "hon", and "darlin". Again, I have no idea who she is, and I consider that rude and disrespectful, especially considering I'm most likely 15 to 20 years her senior.

She also did this to an older gentleman thay was infront of me in line, so I'm sure it isn't an isolated incident.

Strike 3. I usually like going to GM, but this aggravated me to the point where I'll most likely do my shopping elsewhere at a local store that respects their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gander Mountain Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Gander Mountain Cons: Poor customer service, No pleased with service, Rude and slow service.

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