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Gander Mountain in Greenwood, Indiana practices deceptive sales advertising. Last Thursday, 26 Oct 2012, I bought two sweaters off what appeared to be a sale rack.

I had bought other items so when they rang up, it seems high but I didn't look at the receipt until I got home. I discovered I paid full price for one of the sweaters. I went back today to check the rack closer, only one style was on sale. I told them there was a bunch of the same style of sweaters on the same rack as the sale sweaters.

Their excuse was that they only have so many arms to put clothes on and insulted me by pointing to the sign for the style that was on sale. Really?

This is practically a bait and switch. You just got on my no-shop list and I will be telling everyone I know not to shop in ANY of your stores.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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They also could have been put their by a customer, but either way if you had been paying attention at the time of checking out you could have gotten the sale price, when it rung up retail your response should have been "that sweater was on the sales rack" at which the customer service representative would have then said "hold on one moment maam & ill have someone go check" the she would have said " well it appears they were in the wrong place, we'll mark it down for you this time though", problem solved, amazing what a little communication will get you!


I hear u buddy

I know how it feels

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